Boy Scout Tested

Boy Scout Troop 414
I took Boy Scouts Troop 414 from 14th Street on a quest to identify 10 trees for tree identification merit badges. We used the latest version of my Tompkins Trees map (I’ll post it here soon). We met at 6:30 just before sunset and had to use flashlights for most of the walk. They are a great bunch of kids and I had a great time with them.

Tompkins – First Snow

Krishna Snow Pano

The upright Krishna tree, an American Elm in the Central Plaza of Tompkins Square Park, and the leaning American Elm next to it are tied together by steel cables.  This is probably beneficial in terms of wind resistance for both these great trees. Peaceful Grove 10th street

The area of the park I call Peaceful Grove on my Tompkins Trees map. I like that at this time of the year the architectural details of the buildings along 10th Street are revealed. DRG Snow pano

The Don Roberts Garden is central in the photo.  I was hoping this “first substantial snow of the season” would not be so ephemeral and wet. I caught the park at around ten when the snow was not blowing much and my umbrella could safely keep my camera dry. The sidewalks were somewhat slippery and mostly slush. The park was deserted except for photographers and dog walkers.SE Corner TSP Snow

The southeast entrance, my favorite. The large gnarled black locust on the right  pre-dates the Civil War and the clearing of the central trees to make a parade ground.