Identifying the Garden Plants in the Park

I’m attempting to add identifications of the bushes, flowers, etc. to my map. It is slow going, but I may have some of the garden maps posted soon.
Thanks to the members of Flickr’s What Plant is That group, I’ve managed to identify these residents of Tompkins Square Park. This is a Clematis growing in the Don Roberts Garden.
Salvia guaranitica 'Black & Blue'
Salvia Gurantica “Black and Blue” in the Cherry Grove.
Datura (Jimson Weed)
Datura or Jimson Weed growing robustly in the Oval Garden. It has since been removed. It is a psychedelic and poisonous plant, but it is very beautiful.

Never Can Say Goodbye

bumble bee echinacea (3)
Bumblebee Among the Echinacea.
Never Can Say Goodbye
This is the youngest hawk chick. It hatched two days later than the chicks who left the nest about a week ago. To me it looks uncertain about this whole flying thing. It mostly slept through the three hours of this hot sunny Summer afternoon on Avenue B, while I stood at attention videoing. I have video but it is really not worth the effort to edit and post. As this all-encompassing hawk nest drama reaches some conclusion I’ll be switching to covering as much of the park’s different ecology as I can. All the creatures deserve some attention. Don’t you think?
bumble bee echinacea (6)
My extensive tree photography and video and mapping continues, but it is too time consuming to post frequent updates and still be able to record as much of the seasonal changes as I can. Immediately in the works is a video about the park’s giant Elm Trees.

More First Signs of Spring

Cherry Buds 3-16
Cherry tree budding at the central entrance on 7th Street of Tompkins Square Park.

Snowdrops, (Galanthus)
Snowdrops are the first flowers to bloom. These are on 10th Street.

American Elm Buds L
The American Elm next to the Krishna Tree, the one I call Leaning Elm.

Squirrel High on an Elm Limb
A squirrel high up and out on a limb of the Leaning Elm, sunning on this chilly morning.

Pear Buds
A pear tree on Avenue A. All but one tree on the Avenue A curb of the park is a pear.