Young Hawks at Large

Shaft in a Tree
The first young hawk to leave Christo and Dora’s nest was rescued from an air shaft and brought into the park. Here it is in Tompkins Square Park hoping that dad brings back something to eat. The birders have given it the nickname Shaft. Young hawks are just about impossible to sex without a DNA test, but I can’t help but think of it as male.

Lonely Perch
The second young hawk to leave the Christo and Dora’s nest perches on the roof of the former Public School 64 on East 9th street. I saw it fly and it seems strong. I’ll try to get better photos soon. As of late this afternoon the third and youngest chick was still in the nest.

One of the Chicks Gets Some Air

I kept an extensive eye on the hawks over the weekend. Editing hours of footage down to these 7 minutes. The prize was catching one of the young ones getting a few inches of air above the nest for the first time. Before when they exercised their wings they would firmly grasp the branches in the nest, so as not to fall out. Now they are getting bolder. We might have one of them fledging by the upcoming weekend.

What Do You Think

What Do You See

Two Oldest Siblings and Dora

Three Siblings

Not So Cute

Dora and Young Hawk