Viburnum Leaf Icon

Viburnum Leaf Icon
The other night when I was showing Boy Scout troop 414 around the park. They asked about a viburnum bush in the Oval Garden. I didn’t have it marked on the map as I hadn’t made an icon for it. The icon is designed to show the veination, and the blade and edge shape of the leaf in thumbnail size on the map. Identifying a tree from just its shape is not always possible. Many species have similarly shaped leaves. You need to see its flowers, bark, texture, fruit etc.
As I’m bringing this map to some sort of final stage, I’ve gotten fairly competent in drawing in Inkscape, but it wasn’t until today that I finally discovered how to hide the bezier controls and make it much easier to select just the nodes. Well that’s what happens when you are your own teacher.

Chris and Dora

Dora and Chris
Dora on the left and Chris on the right. I can only tell because the female Red Tail Hawks are larger than the males. Her plumage is a bit darker on her belly, which may aid in identifying her when Chris is not around for a size comparison.

Chris and Rat
Chris bringing a rat present for Dora. My bird watching friend, Loy, tells me this makes him a good mate. They’ve gotten the name Chris and Dora because they are nesting on the Christadora building on Avenue B, across from Tompkins Square Park.