More First Signs of Spring

Cherry Buds 3-16
Cherry tree budding at the central entrance on 7th Street of Tompkins Square Park.

Snowdrops, (Galanthus)
Snowdrops are the first flowers to bloom. These are on 10th Street.

American Elm Buds L
The American Elm next to the Krishna Tree, the one I call Leaning Elm.

Squirrel High on an Elm Limb
A squirrel high up and out on a limb of the Leaning Elm, sunning on this chilly morning.

Pear Buds
A pear tree on Avenue A. All but one tree on the Avenue A curb of the park is a pear.

Chris and Dora

Dora and Chris
Dora on the left and Chris on the right. I can only tell because the female Red Tail Hawks are larger than the males. Her plumage is a bit darker on her belly, which may aid in identifying her when Chris is not around for a size comparison.

Chris and Rat
Chris bringing a rat present for Dora. My bird watching friend, Loy, tells me this makes him a good mate. They’ve gotten the name Chris and Dora because they are nesting on the Christadora building on Avenue B, across from Tompkins Square Park.