Support Tompkins Trees

I’ve been working on this project to map the trees of Tompkins Square Park since the summer of 2011. Aside from the generous support of my pal Wrybread, for providing server space for, I’ve had no grants or financial support from any institution for what I think is a worthy community project. Now I’ve brought the map to a point where I feel it needs to be printed. But doing a professional print run is absurdly expensive. I am asking for donations from the community to support The Tompkins Trees Project. I am hoping to get enough support to be able to finance a large enough print run to make future printed maps affordable to the public. Also in the planning stages are a smart phone app and several videos about the the trees and history of the park. Please help.

My original goal to have the tree identifications available online has been accomplished. Maps are available on with a free download under a Creative Commons license. In other words teachers (or any other non-commercial users) are welcome to print the maps there for free for their students to use. But the free maps are of a lower resolution than the the wall map and booklet I am offering here.

With a minimum of a $100 contribution I will give you a 17×23 inch wall map. It shows all the trees in the park as well as many of the garden plants. The map is a mosaic I lovingly assembled from prints made on my home printer, a technique I learned from my years of making working maps for the project.

Or with a minimum of a $50 contribution I will give you a 4×5 inch pocket book map. I love this little thing. It was a challenge to pack all the information into such a small package. I hand-sew the binding on each booklet. It includes a map of all the trees in the entire park, as well as the garden plants of four of the major gardens in the park.

The wall map and the booklet are both printed on acid free 110 pound card stock.

Free US shipping. Contact me for larger custom sized maps.

Your contribution goes directly to me and is not tax-deductible. Michael Natale